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Brandon Zamel is an award-winning producer and CEO of Springbok Entertainment, specializing at the cross-section of cinema, experience design and emerging technologies. Zamel has been at the forefront of immersive storytelling, producing a number of the industry’s first and leading examples of narrative 360 video, VR documentary, interactive volumetric video, virtual production, and most recently, holographic filmmaking. Zamel’s body of work has won numerous awards and recognitions, including the Tribeca X award for best VR Experience at the Tribeca Film Festival, an Emmy finalist for Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Media, and the VR Awards Best Experience In Social Impact. 

Brandon Zamel
Steven-Charles Jaffe


Steven-Charles Jaffe - Jaffe’s career began working for legendary director, John Huston on FAT CITY. His roles as producer, writer, and second unit director include GHOST, TIME AFTER TIME, Kathryn Bigelow’s critically acclaimed NEAR DARK – the first of several collaborations with Ms. Bigelow, including STRANGE DAYS. Jaffe produced STAR TREK IV: THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY and teamed again with Nicholas Meyer on “THE DAY AFTER,” which changed President Reagan’s mind on nuclear proliferation and is the most watched TV movie ever.  Jaffe’s documentary, GAHAN WILSON: BORN DEAD, STILL WEIRD, was a NY Times Critics’ pick and Best Documentary winner at the Comic-Con film festival. He adapted and directed Neil Gaiman’s gothic tale, A DARK and SILLY NIGHT into an animated short.  Jaffe was one of 75 photographers chosen for the Harper-Collins book, A DAY IN THE LIFE OF HOLLYWOOD, which included his portrait of photographer Phil Stern. Jaffe is COO and partner in Springbok Entertainment which produced the immersive experience THE 100%, winner of the best VR Experience award at Tribeca, and was nominated for an Emmy. ZANZIBAR: TROUBLE IN PARADISE is Jaffe’s fourth immersive project and second time at Tribeca. 

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