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Springbok Entertainment encapsulates a unique mix of the best of Hollywood's storytelling and deep expertise in emerging immersive technologies. Our team is composed of award winning experts in filmmaking and XR fields. We have been at the forefront of immersive storytelling, producing a number of the industry's first and leading examples of interactive volumetric video, virtual production, and most recently, holographic filmmaking and experiential activations.


We have created unique immersive XR experiences for Google, Salesforce, Verizon, AT&T, Madison Square Garden, Nokia, HP, DC Comics and Stand Up To Cancer.

Helping Others - Springbok believes that compelling storytelling has the power to create measurable positive change in the world. Our past productions have included numerous traditional and immersive experiences with the goal to raise awareness and elicit action. Subjects have included Climate Change's impact on farming in mainland Tanzania, the Syrian refugee crisis in Europe, the Hadzabe - one of the last nomadic tribes in existence and the numerous threats to their culture, and the Northern White Rhinoceros of Kenya - the most endangered species in the world. Of particular importance to Springbok is our work with adolescent and young adult cancer research.

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Our latest
3D Production

ZANZIBAR: TROUBLE IN PARADISE is a unique holographic experience portraying the lives of seaweed farmers in Zanzibar gaining their financial and social independence only to be challenged by Climate Change. With this experience, we pioneered new holographic technology to bring this story of women with extraordinary courage and resiliency to an international audience. Watch the Trailer.

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